When to Use Doorhangers

Now that spring has arrived, much of the country is thawing from a winter freeze. With the thaw comes greener grass and blooming trees. At least that’s what you want for your customers. This is the time to remind your them of your services. They may not need or want to sign a maintenance contract just yet, but having your information handy when they are ready will help them remember who to call. Full color doorhangers featuring mature lawns and happy people can evoke warm feelings of tranquility, fun, and family. This is part of what you promise your customers…a nice lawn to enjoy all summer.

It’s best to know where to start your first doorhanger campaign of the season before you begin. If you already have a mature customer list, complete with past purchasing data, you are almost ready to start. Use your customer list to determine your top customers by contract price, number of active years with your service, etc. Once you have your list of top customers, decide which block is most important to your business and get started in that area. You can pick a block or two or the whole neighborhood if you like.

Our professionally designed doorhangers, post cards, and post card mailings can help your company gain valuable visibility in your area without the cost of custom graphic design services. Your contact information will be printed on every doorhanger. You may even fill in an offer or other promotion. Some designs have plenty of space to list your most popular services. We look forward to helping you effusively market your lawn care business this spring!