Why Choose a Postcard?

Postcards are an affordable marketing tool with a distinct advantage. Unlike letters or brochures in envelopes which can get thrown out before even being opened, a viewer will see the message on a postcard right away. Service studies have shown that, on average, only 14 percent of letters get read, but postcards have a 94 percent read through rate. And you won’t have to pay for envelopes and the added cost of folding, inserting, and sealing!

Postcards can also be a highly targeted form of marketing. When you develop a list of prospects to send your postcard to, you can narrow down the recipients based on qualities as general as age, sex, and profession or as specific as buying habits, disposable income, or the type of vehicle they drive. If you can describe who your ideal customers are, you can send mail directly to them!

Another good reason to choose postcards over other options is protection from the prying eyes of your competitors. If you advertise in a trade magazine or the newspaper, there’s a chance they may see your ad and launch a counter attack. Keep them in the dark by choosing direct mail instead.

If you’re interested in sending out some postcards for your business, Print This Now is a full-service direct mailer. We offer several pre-made designs as well as custom designs. We can also help you develop a targeted mailing list.

Plus, we’ll handle the whole mailing process for you. We process your list with our specialized software so we are able to reduce your postage costs. Since we save the Postal Service time and effort by presorting, they’ll reward you with big discounts in postage. And your mail will be delivered faster since it’ll bypass several handling steps inside the postal system.

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